Expressions of Fear and Shock

Hi, I'm Shelby.

dfab demigirl

Pronouns: They/Their, She/Her





you’re the window to my wall

you’re the sweat that drips down my balls

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i might be lucky

things to not dress up as for halloween


  • offensive racist caricatures
  • "escaped mental patient"


Animation Parallels
The Tatami Galaxy (2010)
American Dad



They just want you to dance after all ^^

(My version of Fnaf, after so many requests, because you’re so cool I had to reply and make something ^^)

I’m so bad at this game :x ! 

Il fait peur mais ça peut aller ^^ 

fill in the blanks

1. name: Shelby
2. birthday: October 5th
3. favourite colour: ?? ? ??
4. lucky number: 23 (well, my preferred number. or 49)
5. height: 5’01”


1. last dream you remember: I think it had to do with vampires
2. can you juggle: Not well
3. art/sports/both: Art
4. do you like writing:  No
5. do you like dancing: I’d love to learn, but I’m too nervous about people judging me
6. do you like singing: Yes, but would rather do it when no one’s around. I attempted some fandubs of vocaloid songs, but the house is rarely empty nowadays


1. dream vacation: Visiting a country outside of the USA that I’ve never been to
2. dream date: A simple but enjoyable one
3. dream guy/gal:  Got no clue
4. dream wedding: Small and subtle
5. dream pet: tarantula, but a cat’s more practical
6. dream job:  at this point, just one that I can handle and makes decent money


1. favourite song: so many
2. favourite album: Siktransit - Listat
3. favourite artist: Daft Punk
4. last song you heard on the radio: Can’t remember
5. least favourite song:  Pink - Just Give Me a Reason
6. least favourite album: N/A
7. least favourite artist:  Have no idea, they really gotta be a shitlord for me to hate an artist


1. guys/girls/both/other:  If I really like a person, I’ll accept them regardless of what gender they identify as
2. hair colour: black
3. eye colour: eye color doesn’t really do much for me
4. humorous/serious: a balance would be nice
5. taller/shorter: I don’t care
6. biggest turn-off: jackassery, misogyny, a whole bunch of -isms, bad hygiene
7. biggest turn-on: understanding, care,

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People deal with depression in all different ways and just because someone’s coping methods don’t work for you doesn’t make them not depressed or less depressed than you it’s not a contest